How To Give A Woman Multiple Orgasms – 5 Tips

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How To Give A Woman Multiple Orgasms – 5 Tips

Have you ever wanted to know how to give a woman multiple orgasms? When it comes to the bedroom, you can never have enough of a good thing.  With a little bit of know-how,  you can give a woman multiple orgasms in a single session.  For women multiple orgasms are like candy: they’re addictive, sweet and very satisfying.

If you want to how to give a woman multiple orgasms, keep reading and put yourself in the know.

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Give A Woman Multiple Orgasms Tip 1: Surrender

Create an atmosphere so she’ll be comfortable and relaxed. In order to give her multiple orgasms, she’ll need to surrender herself to the experience, and need to be at ease to do so. Clean sheets, downy pillows, tissues by the bed, soft lighting, and subtle scents in the air will aid in creating that easy atmosphere.

There can be a lot of pressure today for men to perform well and to know how to give a girl what she wants.  It is very important to communicate with her about what she wants and desires.

The next step is making sure that you have some time on your hands. One of the biggest misconceptions about multiple orgasms is that they happen by chance or that they’re some sort of fluke.  So like anything else, they require a little effort and planning that you don’t get from on-the-fly quickies.  She will want to feel the slow burn. And to get that, you really want to draw out foreplay.

Give A Woman Multiple Orgasms Tip 2: Flex the muscles

How To Give A Woman Multiple Orgasms

For The Ladies
Strong PC (pubococcygeus) muscles have been demonstrated to be a crucial component to having multiple orgasms. For women their orgasm is an intense contraction of the PC and pelvic floor muscles, strengthening them increases blood flow to the area and enables her to experience a deeper pleasure sensation.  Flex the muscles until you feel them tighten. Release. Tighten again.


Here’s a little trick for her to get more out of an orgasm

Here’s how to do it: She can start by lying on her back with knees bent and feet on the floor. Place something, like a ball, between the inner thighs. Engage her Kegels by concentrating on bringing them in, up and back. Inhale and feel the tension extend up the stomach and along the spine.  For 10 seconds, lift the head and shoulders slightly off the ground and hold this position. Once the PCs are in great shape, they can be a great advantage during sex.

When the time is right, the moment you feel that first contraction of orgasm, “don’t let it slip away”,  Keep pumping your muscles in small bursts to draw out the wave and create momentum for the next series of orgasmic contractions. This way, new found strength is used to move beyond the initial climax and into the pleasurable realm beyond.

Give A Woman Multiple Orgasms Tip 3: Foreplay To The Max

For most women, clitoral stimulation from oral sex is the easiest way for them to have multiple orgasms, and having her get there before intercourse means that her body will be geared up to come again and respond to the added vaginal stimulation during sex, rather than still struggling to orgasm for the first time.

And even if she doesn’t have an orgasm during foreplay, don’t fast-track the fun stuff: With your attention down there still paves the way to give a woman multiple orgasms. If she is aroused slowly, then she will stay aroused for longer, and unlike manual stimulation, your tongue is flexible, soft and strong — the perfect tool for making that happen.

Caress her down there with your tongue for a minute or so before pulling away for a few seconds. Then, dive right back in.

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Give A Woman Multiple Orgasms Tip 4: Take A Break

She’ll appreciate your pillow talk and physical desire. The sexier and more comfortable she feels, the more she’ll let go.  Once she has had her first orgasm, she’ll probably in the habit of pulling away from you because she is so sensitive to your touch. So it’s completely natural for some women to want to take a break from being stimulated immediately afterwards.

But here’s the difference between a sack session that finishes here with a happy ending and one that continues on to multiple orgasms. If she falls into a stupefied pleasure coma, you’re done. If you resume touching an area that is not hypersensitive, you bring it on.

To do it, give the vaginal area a break for a minute, kiss her or caress her breasts. The stroking in other regions will keep her nerves and sensual energy on high alert while her nether regions settle down just enough to take your caresses all over again.

Give A Woman Multiple Orgasms Tip 5: Hit The Sweet SpotG-Spot How To Give A Woman Multiple Orgasms

The trick is for her to orgasm initially from clitoral stroking. But once that area becomes super sensitive, bridge the gap from single to multiple by stimulating the G-spot, that sponge-like  zone behind the pubic bone.

Here’s why: While that area is highly responsive to touch, it’s also strong and resilient enough to stand up to a lot of stimulation.

Now that you’re there, the best sex positions to improve this feel-good sensation are reverse cowgirl and doggie-style, which are good bets because they tend to stroke that area naturally.

Make sure these positions are treated as full-contact activities. Fondle her breasts or trail your nails down her back as she rides you silly and creating constant contact by rubbing her clitoris against your body in a rocking motion in addition to thrusting

Studies have found men are more likely to give a woman multiple orgasms if they are stimulating several body parts at the same time.  The more areas you engage while stimulating her G-spot, the better!



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